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At present time the large-scale production of superconducting materials has been established at CMP, JSC under the guidance of VNIINM (Inorganic Materials Institute) after Bochvar (Moscow). This production is the obligation of Russia in participation in construction of the International Research Thermonuclear Reactor (ITER).

Technical superconductors are the multiple strand composites, which contain the strictly specified share of continuous strands of superconducting materials in metal matrix, having high heat- and electric conductivity, from 0.1mm to 6 mm in diameter and from several hundred meters to several dozen kilometers in length. Superconducting materials shall meet the highest standard requirements, i.e. the magnitude and the stability of values of key parameters; maintenance of the material continuity; structural uniformity along the length; tolerances for geometry of cross sections; the level of current characteristics, etc. TVEL, JSC, forming the part of the government-owned "Rosatom" corporation was appointed to solve this task. "Chepetsky Mechanical Plant", with its excellent metallurgical, extrusion and rolling productions was chosen as the Plant capable to establish the unique science-intensive, technically and technologically complicated production. Since 2010 the Plant started the commercial production of the low temperature superconducting materials 0.7-0.8 mm in diameter and not less than 1,000 m in length on the base of niobium-titanium alloy and Nb3Sn compound in copper matrix with high electric-physical properties.

Manufacture of Superconducting Materials (SCM)

Chepetsky mechanical plant (CMP, JSC) is the only manufacturer in Russia and one of the three largest producers of zirconium and its alloys products in the world. CMP, JSC is a part of TVEL Corporation. Structural materials and components manufactured at CMP, JSC, are the essential components of fuel assemblies. Products made of natural uranium, produced by the plant are also used for the nuclear fuel production.

Foundation of the only commercial production of superconductors in Russia began in 2004. The purpose of creation of low-temperature superconductors' manufacture is Russia's participation in the international Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) Project.

Cross sectional view of ITER:

  1. Central solenoid
  2. Poloidal magnetic cushion
  3. Toroidal magnetic coil
  4. Vacuum chamber
  5. Cryostat
  6. Divertor

The stages of project implementation:

2001 г. - Justification of investments
2002 г. - TEO of the project
2003 - 2008 г.г. - foundation of the production
2009 г. - validation through elaboration of technology
2010 г. – the beginning of commercial production, 30 tons of strands output
2011 г - reaching the project capacity – up to 60 tons per year

Properties of NbTi superconductor for ITER:

Superconductor diameter: 0.730±0.005 mm
Length of piece length: not less than 1000 m
Quantity of filaments: 4488
Critical current: >306 А

Properties of Nb3Sn superconductor for ITER:

Superconductor diameter: 0.820±0.005 mm
Length of piece length: not less than 1000 m
Quantity of dual filaments: 9540
Critical current: >190 А

Beginning from 2014 after the completion of the product release for ITER program, it is possible to manufacture the superconducting wire for other applications at the implemented production:

  • nuclear magnetic resonance - tomographic scanners for medical applications see photo;
  • transport: water, air, ground (magnetic cushion trains) transport see photo;
  • electrical energy industry - energy storage systems see photo;
  • industry – magnet separator;
  • research in the field of chemistry and biology - nuclear magnetic scanners;
  • geological exploration, raw materials mining and refining;
  • research laboratories – high field pulsed magnets;
  • telecommunication systems.

Process flow chart of multifilament NbTi superconductors. Developed by JSC "VNIINM" after А.А. Bochvar" Process flow chart of multifilament Nb3Sn superconductors. Developed by JSC "VNIINM" after А.А. Bochvar"

The following complexes of facilities were put into operation as a result of execution of works for organization of production of superconducting materials at CMPб JSC:

  • niobium reduction melting;
  • electron-beam remelting and electron-beam remelting with intermediate vessel - 1, 4;
  • pressing by hydraulic press with the force of 1,500 и 6,000 ton-force, drawing from the diameter of 80 to 0,7 mm - 2;
  • the parts treatment by cutting of the body of rotation type - 3;
  • vacuum induction, vacuum arc and vacuum arc skull remelting;
  • special equipment for assembling and welding the billets, required for composite materials fabrication;
  • furnace equipment for annealing the wire of different diameter in protective and reducing atmosphere;
  • special equipment for assembling, gas removing and welding the billets, required for composite materials fabrication - 5;
  • equipment for chemical and ultrasonic cleaning of wire and rods of different diameters;
  • equipment for production of protective gases and for performance of cryogenic tests.

The components of a composite billet for superconducting strand

Multifilament assembly NbTi

Equipment for production of superconducting materials can be used for the production of the following kinds of products:

  • niobium-titanium (NbTi) and niobium-tin (Nb3Sn) strand of different designs;
  • NbTi ingots and products made of these ingots (rods, rolled products);
  • ingots and rolled products made of high purity niobium;
  • welding wire made of titanium alloys of different diameter, wire made of different metals and alloys of different diameter;
  • liquid helium.